English Language Editing

Are you looking for an experienced and friendly English language editor, with a PhD? 

I have extensive experience in writing and editing academic texts in the Humanities. I also accept editing assignments from Education and Life Sciences.

You can approach me for proofreading, copy-editing, didactic editing, or developmental editing of your

  • academic books
  • dissertation
  • articles
  • lectures
  • conference papers
  • research proposals
  • accreditation reports
What kind of editor am I?
  • As an academic I may have written the kinds of texts you are asking me to edit. So, whenever possible, I will respect your text, academic style, and choice of words;
  • I will check your spelling, punctuation, and English grammar (sentence structures, tenses etc.);
  • I will also look at the structure, clarity, and logical coherence of your argument and suggest ways to improve them if necessary;
  • I will suggest stylistic improvements if necessary;
  • I will act as your ideal intended reader and give you relevant feed-back on your text from that position.

I can also help you find highly experienced translators for Dutch-English translation assignments.